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Community Gardens are the future of Allotments.

A New, Fresh and modern approach to growing your own.

Community Gardens are pretty much the same as allotments. Allotments are prescribed in law, as growing spaces, set aside for the community by a Local Authority, and are subject to a number of rules and regulations.

Community Gardens are much the same. You can grow fruit and veg, you can keep small game and livestock, and you can cultivate crops for harvest. The only real difference between an allotment and a community garden is that the Landlord is a private company, rather than the Local Authority.

Community Gardens, much like Allotments, are protected in law, under the Town and Country Planning Act as agricultural development. Agriculture, under the Act, does not meet the definition of development, and therefore is except from planning restriction.

All of the plots, within the Wharfside Community Gardens site, are assigned for agriculture. This means Plotholders must grow fruit or veg, or be rearing livestock, in order to meet the term of the legislation. No plots are assigned for leisure, lest they breach planning legislation.

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