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Forest School

Wharfside Park Forest School offers a unique, nature-based education in the lush surroundings of Wharfside Park. It blends traditional academics with hands-on activities like wildlife observation and bushcraft, fostering creativity, confidence, and a strong connection to nature. We emphasise the benefits of outdoor learning for overall development, preparing young people to be resilient, mindful, and environmentally conscious.

"Woodlands are the heartbeat of communities, offering serene spaces for social interaction, fostering connections, and nurturing a sense of belonging among people."

Our Mission

Escape into the Woods

Our forest schools enhance physical health through active play and exploration. They foster resilience, self-confidence, and stress reduction in a calming natural environment. Our hands-on learning approach stimulates curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving abilities and instills a deep connection to nature, promoting environmental awareness and stewardship.

Forest Trees
Camp Fire

Kids will be Kids

Our activities provide valuable skills. Learning bushcraft, teaches children practical survival skills, fostering self-reliance and resourcefulness. These activities enhance their understanding of safety and responsibility, as they learn to manage and respect fire an the natural environment. Engaging in bushcraft builds confidence and resilience, as children overcome challenges and gain a sense of accomplishment.

Join our Growing Community

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