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A Bloomin' Team - Introducing Chris and Mel!

Hello, fellow Plotholders and Greenfingered Gurus! We are absolutely thrilled to introduce the newest additions to the Wharfside Community Gardens and Allotments Committee - the dynamic duo, Christina and Mel!

Chris and Mel of plot 9, are appointed joint chairs of the committee and will help us to promote and manage the community gardens site. They will have overall ownership and control of the day to day operations of the gardens, with major changes and projects being opened up to a communal vote.

Brace yourselves, because with their passion for gardening and infectious enthusiasm, our community garden is about to blossom like never before!

The power of collaboration

Chris and Mel are not just talented gardeners - they are also fantastic collaborators. Their openness to different ideas and perspectives makes them a true asset to our committee. With their friendly and approachable nature, they create an inclusive environment where everyone's voice can be heard. We are confident that their leadership will foster a sense of unity and encourage the exchange of ideas among all our fellow Plotholders.

A world of possibilities

With Chris and Mel at the helm, our community garden is about to embark on a remarkable journey. Their creative minds and innovative thinking will expand our horizons and challenge us to think outside the potting shed. Brace yourselves for a wave of fresh inspiration and exciting projects!

A growing community

As we embark on this new chapter with Chris and Mel as our joint chairs, the future of our community garden has never looked brighter. Their wealth of knowledge and greenfingered skill will undoubtedly take us to new heights. So, let's roll up our sleeves, grab our trowels, and join forces with Chris and Mel to cultivate a garden that will amaze and inspire us all.

Get ready to witness the Wharfside Community Gardens and Allotments Committee flourish under the guidance of our amazing new chairs. Together, we will create a vibrant oasis that will not only enrich our lives but also celebrate the endless wonders of nature. Let the blooming adventures begin!

Getting involved

It's not too late to get involved! We're always looking for committee members and would welcome any input you may have. You can reach out to us using the community forum or by speaking to Chris or Mel on site.

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