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Embracing Growth: Introducing the 2024 Growing Season at Wharfside Community Gardens!

Greetings, fellow green thumbs and devoted plotholders! As we eagerly step into the year two, it's time to reflect on the lessons learned from our first year since the opening of Wharfside Community Gardens in March 2023. With valuable experiences in our arsenal, we're thrilled to unveil the exciting plans for the upcoming 2024 growing season.

Reflections on a Flourishing Year

As we take a moment to glance back, it warms our hearts to witness the abundant growth and camaraderie that bloomed within our allotments during the past year. Our community's dedication to cultivating thriving gardens, sharing knowledge, and fostering connections has truly transformed our space into a vibrant sanctuary for all gardening enthusiasts.

We have flourished together, nurturing our plants, exchanging tips, and offering support to one another in this green haven we call home. The Wharfside Allotment community has become more than just a place to cultivate crops—it's a welcoming community, a source of inspiration, and a hub for lifelong friendships.

Lessons Learned and Moving Forward

With the success of our first year, we have also encountered challenges. As the Wharfside Community Gardens evolves, we strive to continually improve the management and services we provide to our dedicated plotholders. In a spirit of transparency and open communication, we would like to inform you about the important dates and slight adjustments for the upcoming 2024 growing season.

Plot Fees and Extension: Please note that plot fees for the 2024 season are due on the 1st of March, 2024. We kindly ask all plot owners to ensure their payments are made before this date. As previously mentioned, there will be a slight increase in the annual license fee to cover rising insurance and management costs. We assure you that this increase has been calculated carefully, taking into consideration the best interests of all plotholders while maintaining the quality of our allotments.

The following charges will be applied from March 1st 2024;

Primary Plot £4 per week

Additional Plots £3 per week

Exciting Developments on the Horizon

So, what can you expect in the upcoming growing season? Get ready for an array of exciting developments and initiatives designed to enhance your gardening experience. We have listened attentively to your feedback and suggestions, and our dedicated committee has been diligently working to bring your ideas to life.

From expanded composting facilities and communal gardening spaces to improved access and parking, our aim is to enrich our allotments and create an even more vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable gardening environment for all.

Growing Together, Stronger Than Ever

Wharfside Community Gardens' success lies in the continued commitment and collaboration of each and every plot owner. We encourage you to share your experiences, knowledge, and gardening joys with your fellow community members. Together, we can embrace growth, learn from one another, and ignite a flourishing spirit that uplifts us all.

As we embark on this new chapter, let us be reminded of the transformative power of gardening. It teaches us patience, resilience, and the beauty of nurturing life from seed to harvest. So, whether you're a seasoned gardener, new to the world of allotments, or somewhere in between, we invite you to join us in this shared journey of growth and discovery.

Let's Cultivate Prosperity Together

In conclusion, we extend our deepest gratitude to each member of our community for making Wharfside Community Gardens the thriving oasis it has become. The 2024 growing season promises to be filled with endless possibilities, learning opportunities, and heartwarming connections. Together, let's make this year a resounding success as we nurture our gardens, foster friendships, and embrace the joys of sustainable and organic cultivation.

Get your gardening tools ready, prepare those hands for some satisfying soil-digging, and remember to submit your plot fees by the 1st of March, 2024. Let's embark on a journey where we grow together, stronger than ever.

Happy gardening, fellow green thumbs!

The Wharfside Community Gardens Committee

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