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Exciting Site Improvement Works: What we have in store this season!

We are delighted to announce a series of significant site improvement works taking place at Wharfside Park this season. These enhancements are designed to improve accessibility, enhance visitor experience, and ensure the long-term preservation of our beautiful park. Here’s a look at what’s happening:

Repairing the Access Track and Car Park

Our first priority is to repair and upgrade the access track and car park. Over time, wear and tear have taken their toll, making these areas in need of refurbishment. The improved access track will ensure a smoother, safer entry for all vehicles, while the revamped car park will provide more organized and convenient parking spaces for our visitors. These improvements are essential for accommodating the increasing number of people coming to enjoy the park.

Arrival of a Shipping Container Store and Day Room

We are excited about the anticipated arrival of a shipping container store and day room. This will provide a practical and secure space for storing equipment and supplies. Additionally, the day room will offer a comfortable area for staff and volunteers to rest and regroup, further supporting our dedicated team in their efforts to maintain and enhance the park.

Establishment of a Mature Hedgerow Boundary

To reinforce our commitment to environmental stewardship, we will be renewing our efforts to establish a mature hedgerow boundary around the allotment site. This natural barrier not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the area but also serves as a vital habitat for local wildlife. Hedgerows are crucial for promoting biodiversity, offering shelter and food sources for birds, insects, and small mammals. This initiative aligns with our ongoing efforts to preserve and enrich the park’s ecosystem.

New Gate Pillars and Gate at the Allotment Site Entrance

We are also installing new gate pillars and a gate at the entrance to the allotment site. This upgrade will provide a more welcoming and secure entry point for allotment holders and visitors. The new gate will enhance the overall appearance of the site and ensure better access control, contributing to the safety and enjoyment of everyone who uses the allotments.

Launch of New Branding and Web Presence

As part of our comprehensive improvement plan, we are proud to launch our new branding and web presence. The updated brand identity, featuring a logo that incorporates a "W" formed by deer antlers, reflects the natural beauty and heritage of Wharfside Park. Our new website will offer an improved user experience, making it easier for visitors to find information, stay updated on events, and learn more about our conservation efforts.

Join Us in Celebrating These Improvements

We invite you to visit Wharfside Park and experience these exciting changes firsthand. Whether you’re enjoying the smoother access track, exploring the allotments, or appreciating the new hedgerow boundary, there’s something for everyone to look forward to. Our new branding and website will keep you informed and engaged with all the latest news and developments.

These improvements are made possible thanks to the support of our community and the hard work of our dedicated team. Together, we are making Wharfside Park a better place for all to enjoy. Stay tuned for more updates and join us in celebrating these positive changes this season!

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