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River and rain water harvesting

At Wharfside a community Gardens we are committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly gardening, this includes harvesting and using water in an efficient and responsible manner.

In keeping with our commitment to sustainability, we have installed the first of two, recycled and repurposed 1000 litre water storage tanks.

These tanks will form the basis for our integrated rain and river water harvesting system, ensuring that we can remain independent from the mains water supply and the inherent environmental cost involved in treating and pumping mains water.

Once fully operational, our harvesting system will use a solar-powered submersible pump to draw water from Crane Brook during excessive rainfall or when excess water is released upstream from Chasewater or the Wyrley and Essington Canal via the spillway.

Using the communal water supply

Plotholders are welcome to use the stored water, however until the second tank and pump are installed we ask that you use water from the tank sparingly and with consideration to less abled Plotholders who may struggle to bring water onto site or collect it from Crane Brook.

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