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Waymarking Sustainability: Our new signage

We are excited to unveil our new signage, a key element of our rebranding initiative that not only enhances our visual identity but also underscores our commitment to environmental sustainability. Our new signs are designed to guide, inform, and inspire both our staff and visitors in our collective journey towards a greener future.

A Fresh Look with a Purpose

Our updated signage features a modern and cohesive design, incorporating our new branding elements, colours, and typography. More than just aesthetic improvements, these signs serve a crucial function in promoting environmental awareness and responsible practices within our community.

Water Stations

Water is a precious resource, and our new water station signs emphasize the importance of conservation. By clearly marking these stations, we encourage everyone to use water judiciously and be mindful of their consumption.

Wood Recycling Points

Wood is a versatile material that can be repurposed in many ways. Our wood recycling point signs highlight the importance of recycling wood products to reduce landfill waste and promote the reuse of resources.

Manure Collection Areas

Sustainable waste management is critical in our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint. This practice not only minimizes waste but also enriches the soil, supporting healthier plant growth and reducing the need for chemical fertilizers.

Woodchip Zones

Woodchip has numerous environmental benefits, from improving soil health to conserving water. Our woodchip zone signs inform users about the various uses of woodchips and encourage them to take part in our woodchip recycling program. By doing so, we can collectively enhance our landscaping efforts and support a more sustainable environment.

Refuse Areas

Proper waste segregation is crucial for effective recycling. Our refuse area signs provide clear guidance on how to separate waste into different categories, such as recyclables, compostables, and general waste. By making it easy for everyone to sort their waste correctly, we aim to maximize recycling rates and minimize landfill contributions.

Environmental Consciousness at the Core

Our new signs are more than just directional tools; they are a manifestation of our environmental values. By clearly marking and educating about these key areas, we are fostering a culture of sustainability and responsibility. This initiative is a part of our broader strategy to reduce our ecological footprint and promote sustainable practices in every aspect of our operations.

Looking Ahead

As we continue to evolve, our commitment to the environment remains steadfast. We believe that small actions, like following the guidelines on our new signs, can collectively lead to significant positive impacts. We invite everyone to join us in this endeavor and make conscious choices that support our planet.

Together, let's embrace these changes and work towards a more sustainable future. Our new signage is just the beginning of our journey, and with your support, we can achieve great things.

Thank you for being a part of our community and for contributing to our mission of environmental stewardship.

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