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We're committed to improving our site; not only for our plot holders, but for nature too. Check out our plan for enhancing our ecology.

Committed to Ecology

The story so far...

At Wharfside Allotments, our commitment to environmental stewardship and biodiversity is showcased through our recent initiatives, leading to significant ecological net gains. We take pride in our efforts to foster a thriving ecosystem within our community.

Native Hawthorn Hedgerow Planting: A major milestone has been achieved with the successful planting of over a thousand native hawthorn hedgerow plants. This strategic initiative serves multiple ecological purposes, including providing nesting habitat for birds and small mammals, offering shade for amphibians, and creating essential screening for the solitary mining bee population. The establishment of these hedgerows contributes to the overall enhancement of our site's biodiversity.

Pollinator Habitat Expansion: Our commitment to supporting pollinators extends beyond hedgerow planting. We've strategically seeded over a quarter of the site, creating vital pollinator habitats. This not only benefits the diverse bee population but also aligns with our collaborative efforts to strengthen adjacent landowners' initiatives in safeguarding the solitary mining bee population. By creating interconnected habitats, we contribute to the resilience of these crucial pollinators.

Improved Water Quality in Crane Brook: Recognizing the interconnectedness of our environment, we've taken steps to improve raw water quality in Crane Brook. A trash screen has been installed at the culvert head to prevent debris and plastics from passing under our site. This proactive measure not only safeguards our immediate surroundings but also protects the Site of Special Scientific Interest in the triangle. Our commitment to responsible environmental practices extends beyond our allotment, demonstrating our dedication to the broader ecosystem.

These initiatives not only reflect our passion for ecological preservation but also align with our commitment to creating a sustainable and thriving community. As we celebrate these achievements, we invite you to join us in fostering a harmonious coexistence with nature.

For those passionate about sustainable gardening and environmental conservation, limited plots are still available at Wharfside Allotments. To be part of our community and contribute to these impactful initiatives, apply now by visiting our website. Together, we can continue to make a positive impact on the environment while enjoying the benefits of community gardening.

Join us at Wharfside Allotments - where every plot tells a story of ecological harmony!

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