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Allotment Committee

Our hardworking and committed allotment team are on hand to ensure the site runs smoothly. Get to know our key members below.

Our Friendly Team

Meet Chris and Mel

allotment committee

Meet Chris and Mel, our dedicated chairs of the allotment committee. Leading our site team alongside their trusty four-pawed companion, Archie, they oversee the day-to-day operations of the allotment site. You can spot Chris and Mel looking after plots 9 and 10, ensuring the communal water supply is well-maintained, and taking care of the overall site. Don't hesitate to say hello – you're sure to receive a warm welcome!

fancy lending us a hand?

We always welcome an additional set of hands, whether you can spare an hour or two per week or commit more time. Your assistance is valued. Feel free to complete the below application form.

Apply to join the Allotment Committee

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