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Growing Tomato Plants

Frequent Questions

Looking for an answer? Why not check out our frequently asked questions below. We're sure you'll find what you're looking for

  • Is there a waiting list for allotment plots, and what is the waiting period?
    Yes, there may be a waiting list, and the waiting period varies based on availability. Contact our team for current information.
  • Can I bring my own compost, or is it provided on-site?
    You can bring your own compost, and communal composting areas are available on-site.
  • How often are plot inspections conducted?
    Plot inspections are conducted periodically, and members are notified in advance about inspection dates.
  • How can I contact the allotment team for further assistance?
    You can reach our allotment team by using the contact form on our website. We're here to help with any queries or concerns.
  • Are tools and equipment provided, or should I bring my own?
    Gardeners are responsible for bringing their own tools. Basic gardening tools are recommended.
  • Can i grow flowers on my plot or is it strictly fruit and vegetables?
    You can grow a variety of plants, including flowers, vegetables, and herbs.
  • Is there parking available for allotment members?
    Parking is available on site.
  • What is the cost of renting an allotment plot?
    Rental costs vary based on size of plot. As a rule of thumb a 50m2 basic plot is approximately £4 per week, billed annually in advance on the first of March. Licenses issued after this date will be billed for the remainder of the year, renewing 1st of March at the appropriate rate.
  • How can I get involved in the allotment community?
    Attend community events, join workshops, and consider volunteering. Connect with other members on our online and participate in our gardening community.
  • Can I have a shed or greenhouse on my allotment plot?
    Guidelines and pre-approval are required. Contact our team for information on obtaining permission and adhering to regulations.
  • Are there restrictions on the types of crops or plants I can grow?
    Generally, there are no strict restrictions. However, invasive species or plants that may interfere with neighbouring plots should be avoided.
  • What are the rules regarding plot maintenance?
    Regular maintenance is expected. Familiarise yourself with the plot maintenance guidelines provided on the communal notice board.
  • How do I apply for an allotment plot?
    Visit our website and navigate to the "Apply for a Plot" section. Complete the application form with your details.
  • Is water provided on site?
    We operate a sustainable river and rainwater harvesting system on site, providing water to a communal fill point.
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